Why & How: 3 Ways to Handle Home Staging on the Cheap

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Selling a home often takes a lot of time and energy. Between scheduling showings, answering questions, and running inspections, homeowners and their real estate agents both have endless duties. But there is one aspect of the sales process you can simplify: staging the home.

Why Stage Your Home?

Why does staging the house matter? Presenting a pretty picture to potential buyers can encourage them to see your house as their house. A clean and spacious layout—with neutral vibes and appealing style—can attract more people to your listing.
People may even offer a higher amount when submitting an offer, all because of how the home looks and feels. And in today’s market, that matters. It’s a seller’s market, with homes across the country fetching rising prices, so you need to stand out from the competition. Read on to learn how to make that happen.

How to Easily & Cheaply Stage a Home

While some homebuyers hire professionals to stage their homes, there’s no reason you can’t DIY the process. Here’s how to do it—cheaply and simply.

1. Focus on Curb Appeal

Tending an overgrown yard, fixing up peeling paint, and pruning the trees back can make a huge difference when staging your home. HGTV explains curb appeal is a significant part of every seller’s equation because it’s what gets people through the door.
Consider your home from a buyer’s perspective, starting with the outside. Does the roof appear dirty or aged? Are the house numbers visible and fresh-looking? Is the welcome mat welcoming (and is there one at all)?
Also, think about the intent of your home’s “sales pitch.” For example, if you want to appeal to families, consider staging a play area for children in the yard. If you want to invite retirees to buy, consider patio furniture complete with wine glasses set to enjoy the view from the home’s spacious deck.

2. Zero In on the Home’s Best Assets

Playing up exterior features helps get people through the door, but the inside of the house counts, too. Seek out the property’s best assets—like lots of natural light, an open floor plan, unique architectural elements, or luxurious stone fireplaces—and amp them up.
Replace heavy curtains in favor of ones that allow sunlight in (and replace lightbulbs and dull lamps). Skip bulky furniture in favor of trim pieces that make the living room seem larger. Paint rooms in neutral colors to make the layout appear cohesive, even if the hallways are narrow or rooms feel disjointed.
Capturing excellent photos for online and flier use is also crucial. Most home buyers start their home search online—and you need to be ready. RISMedia found that home listings with “high-quality photography” sold 32 percent faster than their counterparts. It’s usually a good idea to hire a professional photographer for the job (usually costs $100 – $300 per shoot).

3. Declutter & Remove Personal Effects

It’s your home, sure, but potential buyers want to feel like it could be theirs. The solution to this dilemma is to clear your personal effects out of the areas you’re showing. Put personal items and belongings in storage for safekeeping. You could use the garage, but because buyers will want to see the whole property, it’s ideal to move your stuff off-site.
Consider paying weekly or monthly for storage—just as long as you need it—to avoid overpaying long-term. Seek out sign-up deals and ongoing specials to cut costs and make your investment worthwhile. An alternative? Ask a neighbor or friend to loan space from their garage or basement. This is especially handy if they are willing to help come moving day!
With surplus belongings set aside, deep clean your home so that everything looks and smells fresh. Shampoo carpets and upholstery, and look for furniture upholstery near you if pieces look particularly worn. With a clean and move-in ready feel, your home will be more apt to catch house hunters’ attention and a top-dollar offer.

Ready to Stage for Your Home Sale?

Paring down your possessions—and décor—is an easy way to declutter your home for staging. Taking great photos and making open houses and showings more inviting can help get your house off the market faster. While depersonalizing your home feels strange, it’s an excellent first step toward selling the property. When visitors feel at home, they can picture themselves living in your house—and they may even make an offer.

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