I can sell your older home


You can purchase an older home

We make it so easy to get your project started with our Renovation 3-step System.

1. Get Financing

Did you know you can purchase and renovate the home you want with a 3.5% Down Payment

What does it appraise for, minus what are the renovation cost, tells you what you can pay for the home

2. Explain your Goals

Explain your budget and what renovations you want done to the home. We listen carefully and understand both the Real Estate & Construction industry.

3. We evaluate your property

After you explain item # 2 we discuss the cost.

Then you have all 3 steps needed to get your home in tip-top condition.

Mike did an excellent job in listing our lot, communicating with agents representing potential buyers, promptly apprising us with updates, and providing weekly accounts of activity related to the lot. I was extremely pleased when the lot sold. I would recommend Mike if you are looking to sell your property, and I imagine he would do as excellent a job in helping locate one if you are a buyer. Thanks, Mike!
Lori Barnes


We appreciate buying from Mike 36 years ago and then selling our home
Lee Rogers


When I get a new customer I try to keep their best interest at the very front of my mind. If I have a client whose home is going to need some repairs or renovation and is going to have trouble selling without some renovation, then I have a strategy for that as well. Working with Mike Fearn has given me another tool in my toolchest to be able to give my clients the absolute best service I can give.
Ken Harshbarger

Real Estate Agent

Has your property been for sale with no results?

Just call us, let me look at your options then discover what we can do.